What are Instant Dial charges from BT or non BT landline?

We have updated our Instant Dial Service.

You can now also make cheap international calls with our simple instant dial service.

- Call from any UK phone
- No account is required
- No Credit Cards or Online Top-UP

How To Use Instant Dial Service

1. Dial 0984 6722 123 to register your number and get your £5 calling card.

2. Once your number is registered, dial the access number 0333 555 2040.

3. When you hear the prompt enter your international number.

To buy another £5 Calling Card redial 0984 6722 123.

No Credit Card or any Online Top-up's.

It's as simple as 123

How payment is collected ?
When you dial 0984 6722 123 we will charge your phone provider £5 + your phone provider access charge. The £5 are billed by your telephone line provider every time you call 0984 6722 123.

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